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MikaChip Resetter V1.2 (Device+Standart Software) DS2430 based chips

MikaChip 1.2 works for Mimaki ink chips with DS2430 memory chipset (refer pic).

MikaChip 1.2 is the ultimate tool to reprogram original chips for Mimaki printers using DS2430 ICs and also for Roland Eco-Max ink. It resets the ink type, colour, volume, and expiry date.

An original Mimaki ink chips can be programmed for any colour and the ink types as follow:

Mimaki SS1, SS2, SS, SS21*, 3M S1, 3M S2, AQUEOUS,

ES3, HS, HS1,

SB51, SB52, SB53

BS1, BS2, BS3

JF (UV Curavle, JF-1631(F-200)

LH-100*, LF-200*, LF-140*, SPC-0371 (UV), TP3, PR-100

REACTIVE, TX400, F-200, PR200



MikaChip 1.2 can also be used for Roland Eco-Max, Eco-Max 2, Eco-Max 3, EUV.

It also supports Fuji Acuity printers with Fuji LL and Fuji RL ink types.

MikaChip 1.2 is able to reset GCC ink chips in Inkjet printer JF-240UV.

Download drivers for MikaChipV1.2


*-Support only cartridges 220ml, 440ml and 660ml.


MikaChip Resetter V1.2 (Device+Standart Software) DS2430 based chips

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