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What ink types and printer models can be used to reset ink chips with Mikachip resetter?

Our customers often ask us what ink types the Mikachip resetter can be used with to reset ink chips. Unlike permanent ink chips sets, which you have to buy for every ink type, Mikachip alone can be used to reprogram the original Mimaki ink chips for the following inks types:

1. Solvent ink – direct printing onto PVC. This is a standard ink for indoor and outdoor signage and displays.

ES3 HS SS2 SS21 BS3 SS1 S1 S2 HS HS1 BS1 BS2

2. UV-curable ink - printing on non-absorbent materials, including plastic, glass, and metal. These types of ink are used in various industries, ranging from decorating and architecture to industrial design.

F-200 LH-100 LF-140 LF-200 MG-100

3. Latex ink – a low-odor water-based Mimaki latex ink. This type of ink is used for indoor displays inrestaurants, hospitals, day-care centers etc.

4. Water-based pigment ink - direct printing on various material including posters and displays. When laminated the print media can be used for outdoor displays.

5. Sublimation ink - printing on the polyester fabric. This type of ink has a wide range of applications for signage and apparel printing including flags, banners, sportswear, swimwear.

Sb51 Sb52 Sb53

6. Acid dye ink – used for printing on animal fibers, including wool, leather, silk, and synthetic protein fibers, such as nylon.

7. Reactive dye ink - enables printing on cotton, hemp, silk, rayon, and some kinds of polyester.

8. Textile pigment ink - prints on almost all fabrics. A wide range of materials are available for print applications, including apparel, such as T-shirts, signage flags, and more.

9. Disperse dye ink - suitable for printing industrial textiles such as car seat covers, interior designs (curtains, carpets, etc.). It is also suitable for apparel products.

Know your ink type you can easily switch to the other ink supplier, while still using the original Mimaki ink chips. This is one of the huge benefits of using Mikachip.

However, if you still prefer to use original Mimaki inks, you can significantly benefit from the resetting an ink level and an expiry date. It prevents ink wasting when there is a discrepancy between the ink level recorded on chips and a real ink level in the cartridge; or in case when an expiry date on the chips comes to end, but ink is not used in full.

The other question we often receive from our customers is about printer models compatible with Mikachip.

Mikachip perfectly fits anyone who has the following printers:

JV33, CJV30, JV5, TX400, TS3, JFX, UJF, UJV, SWJ, Fuji Acuity LED 1600R, Fuji Acuity LED 1600 II

Mikachip specially benefits those businesses, who have more than one printer and use different ink types –you get the significant savings in one-time purchase.

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