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Reset new ink types with MikaChip programming tools

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

For recent few months our engineers have been busy, working to add new ink chip types to the MikaChip compatibility list.

Now we are happy to announce that the chips for the following ink types can be reset by Mikachip V2.0

  • BS4

  • AS5

  • SB300, SB310, SB320

  • SB410, SB411, SB414, SB420

  • SB610, SB54

  • LUS170, LUS175, LUS350

  • LUS120, LUS150

  • LUS200, LUS210, LUS125

  • CS100, CS300

  • AC300

  • LX101

  • SU100

  • RC300

  • LH100 (1L)

  • PR100, PR200

  • UVijetLF

  • EUVv2, EUV

  • ESM, ESM2, ESM3

Also, getting lots of requests for Roland equipment with solvent ink (Eco Sol MAX), our engineers have developed a new software update that works for different models of Roland and GCC JF-240UV printers.

All our ink chip resetters are proved to be reliable and easy-to-use money savers for sign


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