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MikaChip V2.0 is available now

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Now a new version of MikaChip V2.0 is available in our store. It works with all new Mimaki ink types - BS4 SB300 SB310 SB410 SB411 SB54 LUS170 LUS175 LUS120 LUS150 LUS200 CS100 LH-100 (2L and 1L). There was a great demand from our clients, who after testing our MikaChip V1.2 were in need for a new ink chip resetter. So now both MikaChip V1.2 and MikaChip V2.0 can reset all known Mimaki ink chips.

MikaChipV2.0 works with highly encrypted latest Mimaki DS2431 eeprom based chips, and it took us nearly 6 month to develop an algorithm allowing to able to crack these chips. MikaChip V2.0 also includes a device, extra ink chips and software however, it has a slightly different work principle from our previous version.

Upon purchasing MikaChip V2.0 you will be send a physical device with rewritable ink chips, then we will email you an activation code for the software. Additionally, we will email you files, unique for your ink chips, so you can write them on your rewritable chips using MikaChipV 2.0 device. The information written on the file will always keep ink level at 100% and type of the ink, so you can use ink from any suppliers of your choice.

We include in MikaChip V2.0 rewritable ink chip set.

MikaChip V2.0 specification:

MikaChip V2.0 Software

Programing Files

Rewritable ink chip set

And as usual we’re taking care about postage expenses if you purchase our products on our website – we Express ship for free to any location!

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