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MikaChip unique development saving your money

If you use Mimaki printer for your business, you may want to know how to reset ink chips to prevent ink wasting, or maybe you look for switching original Mimaki ink to other manufacturer’s ink to reduce the cost of printing.

Ink wasting and high cost of original Mimaki ink are very common issues in printing business. These can be solved by resetting the information on the Mimaki ink chips with resetters MikaChip.

Having 15 years of experience in printing industry we created ink chip resetters which allow you to reprogram Mimaki ink chips in one touch.

Our resetters are unique and you cannot find any analogues on the market. Resetters are easy in use – you don’t need to have access to internal parts of your printer. Chip reprogramming takes a few seconds, and you don’t need to have some specific knowledge. Mikachip resetters were developed to facilitate life of those who are not necessarily technically advanced and just looking to get the job done. That’s why so many business owners love Mikachip resetters.

Currently we have two versions of ink chip resetter: MikaChip V1.2 & MikaChip V2.0

MikaChip V1.2

allows you to reset an expiry date, recharge ink level to 100% and change ink type on original Mimaki ink chips for all older types of ink as follows – SS1, SS2, SS, SS21*, 3M S1, 3M S2, AQUEOUS, ES3, HS, HS1, SB51, SB52, SB53, BS1, BS2, BS3, JF (UV Curavle, JF-1631(F-200), LH-100*, LF-200*, LF-140*, SPC-0371 (UV), TP3, PR-100, REACTIVE, TX400, F-200

MikaChip V2.0

goes with rewritable ink chips and allows you to recharge ink level to 100% and change ink type for all latest ink types – BS4, SB300, SB310, SB410, SB411, LUS170, LUS175, SB54, SB610, CS100, LH100, LUS120, LUS150, LUS200, PR100, PR200

Mikachip resetters have been proven as a reliable and easy to use devices, loved by many users.

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