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How to reset Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink chips

Mimaki’s SS21 solvent ink is available in up to 10 colours, is quick drying, offers excellent weatherability and rub-fastness and provides super-high picture quality without a granular appearance. Perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor signage and displays. The SS21 inks are used by probably 90% of Mimaki users.

Printer Compatible with SS21 Solvent Inks:

Mimaki CJV30-60

Mimaki CJV30-100

Mimaki CJV30-130

Mimaki CJV30-160

Mimaki CJV150-75

Mimaki CJV150-107

Mimaki CJV150-130

Mimaki CJV150-160

Mimaki CJV300-130

Mimaki CJV300-160

Mimaki JV5-130S

Mimaki JV5-160S

Mimaki JV5-320S

Mimaki JV33-130

Mimaki JV33-160

Mimaki JV34-260

Mimaki JV150-130

Mimaki JV150-160

Mimaki JV300-130

Mimaki JV300-160

Mimaki JV3-160

Mimaki JV3-130

Mimaki TPC-1000

Mimaki TS3-1600

Mimaki TS5-1600AMF

Mimaki JV5-160S

Mimaki JV5-320S

The solvent ink enables direct printing onto PVC, the most popular media for signage display printing, as well as on non-ink-receptive layer coating media. Mimaki SS21 solvent ink ensures signage and display production that is cost effective.

The combination of Mimaki’s unique inkjet technology and solvent ink delivers vibrant and less-granular super high quality print results.

For Those who wants to use Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink without expiry date or needs to increase the ink level, there is a solution to reprogram the original Mimaki chip and get all the benefits of using original Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink.

The Mikachip resetter can easily reset all the above parameters so you will enjoy printing without additional costs.

Some of the benefits For Mimaki printers that use SS21 ink

European high-quality ink standards

Absolutely scratch, alcohol and chemical resistant

Made for high resolution printing

Free of any repro-toxic ingredients

Quick drying ink

Excellent substrate adhesion

Superior scratch resistance

Outdoor durability without lamination

Plug & Play technology

Ink formulations are clog and misfiring free

Furthermore, “ease of maintenance” and “cost effectiveness” are also favorable features of this ink.

The SS21 solvent ink in the compatible cartridges 220ml. 440ml and for Mimaki printers are fast drying and provide the ability of printing on various types of media with high scratch resistance. Their superior adhesion to media and resistance characteristics are paired with brilliant colour reproduction for high speed, high quality printing.

Check here how to reset Mimaki SS21 ink chips:

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