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How to determine whether you can reset your type of ink chips with Mikachip resetter?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

MikaChip V1.2 resetter supports ink chips: with DS2430 eeprom installed.

Usually next ink types has this eeprom: SS1, SS2, SS, SS21, 3M S1,

3M S2, AQUEOUS, ES3, HS, HS1, SB51, SB52, SB53BS1, BS2, BS3

JF (UV Curavle, JF-1631(F-200), LH-100 (cartridges), LF-200(cartridges), LF-140(cartridges),  SPC-0371 (UV), TP3, PR-100(cartridges), REACTIVE, TX400, F-200, PR200 (cartridges) -PRIMER

Mikachip can be used for Roland Eco-Max, Eco-Max 2, Eco-Max 3,

EUV as well

To make sure that Mikachip can program your model of ink chips, first

you need to do is to check the lable on the Mimaki ink chips you have.

You can find it on the ink chips as shown on the picture below.

MikaChip V1.2 works with all type Mimaki ink contain same eeprom label

If you not sure please send us quick email with your ink chip type and printer model. We will answer all yours questions.

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