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How much can you save using Mimaki chip programmer Mikachip?

In this article I would like to go into detailed review on how much printing businesses can save using our ink chip resetter. So, let’s go into simple maths.

First of all, let’s count an average monthly spending on original Mimaki inks. Of course, everything depends on the business size and ink consumption, I will take as a reference point the consumption of Mimaki ink as 8L per month. Taking the average price of Mimaki ink as $150 per Liter, the monthly expenses turn to be $1200/mon.

The other point we have to consider is the cost of wasted (not used till the end) ink. It happens when there is a discrepancy between ink level recorded on chips and a real ink level in the cartridge.

Sometimes the expiry date on the original Mimaki chips comes to end, but ink is not used in full.

In both cases you waste all ink leftovers. For many printing businesses the ink wasting turns to significant extra expenses. For small to medium size businesses the ink wasting can be up to 10-15%, that comes to an extra cost of $180/mon.

As a sum we have at least $1380, paid monthly for ink expenses. It turns to a burden monthly subscription, that you have to pay over and over again.

With Mikachip you can use ink from any supplier of your choice. For instance, some Chinese manufactures offer high-grade ink for very reasonable price. Taking into consideration the origin and quality of ink, you can easily find ink for $30 per L, hence reducing your monthly expenses down to $240/mon.

And the other great benefit you will get using Mikachip resetter – there is no ink wasting expenses. You will be able to reset the ink level and the expiry date anytime you need, and therefore use your ink in full.

Summing up the ink expenses with Mikachip resetter we get to $240/mon.

Just think $240 vs $1380 monthly. The savings are $1140/mon.

Now let’s look at the annual savings $1140 x 12 = $13680

It’s not bad at all! It is quite significant for small to medium size businesses. These simple calculations demonstrate a real worth of using Mikachip resetter in printing business.

Here’s a little table for your reference. Use it to calculate savings according to your situation.

1L Original Mimaki ink $100 to $250

1L OEM ink $16 to $50

Small company 4L-8L a month

Medium company 8L-16L a month

Large company more than 16L a month

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