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BS4 Mimaki permanent ink chips emulator board MikaChip V2.0

MikaChip V2.0 BS4 ink emulator board is an ultimate ink chip replacement solution for those looking to switch from original ink to OEM ink.

The ink emulator board allows to replace original BS4 Mimaki ink chips. It works in same way as permanent ink chips but will never expire and allows the unlimited ink usage by default ink setting at the 100% level.

Currently emulator board MikaChip V2.0 supports 4 colour set Bk-C- M-Y and works with Mimaki JV5, CJV, JV300, JV33 printers BS models.

The MikaChip emulator board directly connected to the Main Board by wires, provided when purchasing. To install the emulator board, you need to disconnect the wires for each ink colour cartridge from chip reader boards and connect them to the emulator board MikaChip in the following order – Black to Chip1 connector, Cyan to Chip2 connector, Magenta to Chip 3 connector, Yellow to Chip 4 connector.

For your convenience we included the wires for connecting ink cartridges to the emulator board in case you need extension.

The emulator board gets power supply through any of two mini USB ports.

The emulator board has 4 stands which allows to place it on the top on the printer or cartridge bay and make electrical connection easy.

When the emulator board is connected to the main board, printer will start reading the information from the emulator and will display the ink level accordingly.

Now permanently having ink level at 100% and no expiration date you can switch to the ink from any manufacturer and use ink till the end.

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