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Ink Jet Printer

Get your printer unlocked

with MikaChip the Mimaki Ink Chip Resetter

MikaChip incorporates a user-friendly software and device that allows you to reset Mimaki ink chips unlimited times

MikaChip is a key for saving your money

How it Works

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Receive your device

  • What printer models the resetter supports?
    The MikaChip resetter supports all Mimaki printer models as follows: Mimaki CJV30-60 Mimaki CJV30-100 Mimaki CJV30-130 Mimaki CJV30-160 Mimaki CJV150-75 Mimaki CJV150-107 Mimaki CJV150-130 Mimaki CJV150-160 Mimaki CJV300-130 Mimaki CJV300-160 Mimaki JV5-130S Mimaki JV5-160S Mimaki JV5-320S Mimaki JV33-130 Mimaki JV33-160 Mimaki JV34-260 Mimaki JV150-130 Mimaki JV150-160 Mimaki JV300-130 Mimaki JV300-160 Mimaki JV3-160 Mimaki JV3-130 Mimaki TPC-1000 Mimaki TS3-1600 Mimaki TS5-1600AMF Mimaki JV5-160S Mimaki JV5-320S LF, UJF, UJ, TX and others Also MikaChip supports Fuji Acuity, GCC (GCC JF240UV), and Seiko color painter printers. Please contact us if you cannot find your printer model
  • What ink types the resetter supports?
    MikaChip V1.2 works with the following ink types: Solvent ink - ES3 HS SS2 SS21 BS3 SS1 S1 S2 HS HS1 BS1 BS2. UV-curable ink - F-200 LH-100 LF-140 LF-200 MG-100 - cartriges only Sublimation ink - Sb51 Sb52 Sb53. MikaChip V2.0 supports all new Mimaki ink types as follows: BS4 SB300 SB310 SB410 SB411 SB54 LUS170 LUS175 LUS120 LUS150 LUS200 CS100
  • Is it easy to program chips?
    Yes! It's very easy to reset your ink chips. Please check our video below for explanation
  • What countries do you ship to and how much it cost?
    If you purchase our product/s in our website store we offer FREE Express shipping worldwide. If you purchase our product/s in our eBay store, the delivery will cost $25 regardless of your location.
  • Is there any limitation in using MikaChip?
    There are no limitation in using Mikachip. One time purchase - unlimited usage. You will be able to reprogram Mimaki ink chips unlimited times.
  • How to check what type of ink chip I have, DS2430 or DS2431?"
    Take a look at your ink chip and read a lable on small black component (refer pictures below) MikaChip V1.2 works with the DS2430 chip type. The DS2431 type is the latest Mimaki ink chip. MikaChip V2.0 supports the DS2431 ink chip type.
  • How to activate MikaChip software?
    Copy your unique Software ID when you run the software for the first time and send it to our email: We will send you an Activation Key via e-mail in 24 hours.

With MikaChip you can reset ink level and expiry date on original Mimaki ink chips in one click. And most importantly you can still use original chips without losing your printer's warranty.

Reset your chip and use any ink you wish. Save your money - become free from original ink subscription. With MikaChip you can use ink from any supplier!


No more ongoing expenses on one-time chips – simply reset an expiry date.

No wasting ink – reset ink level and use your ink till the end. 

With our intuitive user-friendly software, you can change ink type if you need to get more ink profiles. It also allows you to change ink colour in one click.

Unlock your printer potential, reduce unnecessary costs.

An original Mimaki ink chips can be programmed for any of the available Mimaki ink types and any colour.

MikaChip supports Mimaki printer models and ink types as follows:

MikaChip resetter V2.0 supports all new Mimaki ink types:

  • BS4

  • AS5

  • SB300SB310SB320

  • SB410SB411SB414SB420

  • SB610SB54

  • LUS170LUS175, LUS350

  • LUS120LUS150

  • LUS200LUS210LUS125

  • CS100CS300

  • AC300

  • LX101

  • SU100

  • RC300

  • LH100 (1L)

  • PR100PR200

  • UVijetLF

  • EUVv2EUV


MikaChip resetter V1.2 supports all old Mimaki ink types:

  • JV3(SS1)

  • JV3(SS2)

  • JV5(HS)

  • JV33(SS21)

  • JV33(BS2)

  • SB51(MBIS) MBIS = Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems

  • SB52(MBIS) MBIS = Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems

  • JV33, CJV30 (ES3)

  • LH100(UJF)

  • LF200(UJV/JFX)

  • JF/JFX Plus(UV)

  • (BS3) // NYU

  • UVLED(LH200)​​

  • Fuji LL

  • Fuji RL

  • GCC JF240UV

The MikaChip Device is a small lightweight box that attaches via USB to your computer and recognised as a COM port after the drivers are loaded. The Mikachip Software is used to interact with the MikaChip Device. Two alligator contacts on the device attach to ink chip to reprogram it. 

 We offer a lifetime warranty on MikaChip the resetter.

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